Increase the visibility of your business

Increase the visibility of your business

Create visibility for your business on our Schär website.

The dedicated ‘Stores’, ‘Eating out’ and ‘On the go’ sections on our website allow our customers to discover restaurants, hotels, bars and more worldwide that offer  options.

Take this opportunity for your business now and enjoy all the benefits, such as:

  • Communication with a specific target audience.
  • Publicity for your business through direct marketing, social networks and many other advertising channels.
  • The possibility of publishing your  menu and images of your business.


Subscribe to the Schär Club

1. Click on ‘Subscribe now’ and enter your personal details.
2. Click on ‘Add more’ and upload information about your organisation and any photos you wish to add.
3. Once the Schär Team has checked the accuracy of the information entered, you will be able to access your dedicated area and add other information such as your menu, opening hours and many other details.

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