Fruit Müsli Single 50g

Fruit Müsli Single 50g

Fruit Müsli Single 50g

Gluten free fruit muesli packaged in practical single portions that allow hospitality professionals to serve up fresh breakfasts that always smell simply delicious.

Product category: Portion Packs & Bake Foil

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soya flakes , maize flakes (maize flour, salt, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin) , sultanas 22% (raisins, sunflower seed oil) , buckwheat flakes 19% (buckwheat flour, maize flour, sugar, glucose syrup, salt) , Dattelwürfel 10% (dates, rice flour) , apple pieces 2% , mirtilli rossi 1% (mirtilli rossi, concentrato di succo di ananas, sciroppo di ananas, olio di semi di girasole) , amaranth flakes 0,5% , almonds 0,5% . May contain traces of milk and hazelnuts .

Logistic Data

Shelf life (months) 15
Pieces per box 24