Pizza Base 170 g

Pizza Base 170 g

Pizza Base 170 g

A pre-cooked, frozen gluten free and lactose free pizza base. Comes in an anti-contamination, oven-proof baking tray; ready for use after a few minutes at room temperature, as well as being convenient and quick for professional kitchens.

Product category: Flours and doughs

How to prepare a pizza with the Pizza Base

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water , maize starch , rice flour , potato starch , rice starch , maize flour , glucose syrup , yeast , thickener: idrossipropilmetilcellulosa ; extra virgin olive oil 1,5% , sunflower seed oil , iodised salt , apple fibre , dextrose , soya protein , acids: acido tartarico, acido citrico .

Logistic Data

Shelf life (months) 12
Pieces per box 10